Say goodbye to spreadsheets and 

disconnected systems and

say hello to 

The simple way for businesses to store, secure and share their data.

Configur Codex empowers you to take back control of your data. Through its AI powered automations, Codex can import, cleanse and secure your data in minutes. Additionally, our platform is no-code, allowing you to integrate your data with no technical knowledge required.

How it works?

Import data

Configur Codex's import process doesn't just move your data into a secure cloud environment, it uses AI powered validation to clean and enhance it without the need of a data analyst.


Cutting edge security features provide options for sharing and securing data across your team or with external parties.

Data Governance

Understand how your business is using data across the organisation, with automatic data governance and auditing.

Link & Summarise

Join your data to unlock cross table lookups, subsets or summaries of your data. Configur Codex makes setting up a fully functional data model a breeze.

Auto Integration 

The connection centre provides automatically generated  input and output connectors with a number of popular integrations available out of the box.

Connection Centre
Unlock your data through secure, automated integrations within minutes.

Configur Codex's connection centre enables you to connect datasets to multiple systems: forms, CMS, reporting tools, smart devices and chatbots

all at the same time. 

Deliver Solutions Easily

Use your data to create a simple to use CMS & CRM System. Upload your data and then use our guided and automated processes to do the rest.




Any good system

starts with a good

data model. Structure

your data & use our connection centre to connect your external interface.


Centralise all of your business data, unlocking new insights and making collaboration & sharing a breeze.

Spreadsheets are

often used for day to

day processes that they were never intended for.

       Host your data in the     

    secure cloud to unlock

your data.



Simplify your data today...

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