Our Features are intuitive and powerful, enabling you to control  your data, make less mistakes, 

save time and money.



Import multiple sources

Excel, CSV, JSON, APIs 

Validate and enhance

Automatic column detection, value checking and gap analysis

Table builder

Create new data with our table builder

Manage data collections

Full control over how your data is stored

through our flexible project controls

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Multi-tier access control

Simple to user access control at

project, table or column level

Data encryption

Your data is encrypted at all times,

in transit and at rest

User controlled snapshots

Configurable backup strategies and

user controlled snapshots

Full auditing & logs

Record changes to data with full traceability (who/what/when)


Automatic APIs & forms

Easily generate forms and fully documented APIs, all with no technical knowledge required

Automated CMS setup

Create custom CMS views in seconds, complete with individual security, filters and navigation

Data views

Share your data with external stakeholders and non platform users

Multi connect

Mix and match connections, adding as many as you need for each project*


*inline with your subscription/add-on allowances



Link datasets visually

Use our linking process to form your data model like a pro

Summarise data

Create summaries, subsets and aggregation tables to gain additional insights from your data

Super columns

Create new data columns with our formula builder and cross table lookup capabilities

Automatic data refresh

Keep your data as fresh as the day it was created with our auto refresh options


Auditing & governance

Track, log & revert all changes made to your data, projects and connections

360 data view

Understand how data is being used across your business with super admin access​

Master data management

Provide your business the capabilities to hold a central version of truth for multiple systems and projects​

Improve processes

Combining all the features available, will open a world of possibility for removing unnecessary processes

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Simplify your data today...