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Can I have a demo?

Yes! If you would like a demo then please don't hestitate to contact us by emailing or providing your email address in our codex form Book a Demo

What are the user limits?

You won't have any user limits, you can add as many users from your organisation as you require. We believe to get the most from a data platform wider adoption is key, which is why we have removed per user pricing as a barrier to entry. There are data limits and connection limits for each plan however, you can buy individual add-ons to top these as required and when you feel ready can upgrade your whole business/organisation to the next plan for added perks.

Why don't I see my sector in the use case list?

The Configur Codex platform has been built to be truly universal. We wouldn't be able to list all of the possible use cases, however we will add more over time as we continue to work with businesses across more sectors. If you do want to know more specifically about how it can help in your business or organisation, why not contact us to receive a consultation and/or demo completely free of charge. Book a Demo

Will I own my data?

Your data is entirely owned by you. We don't share your data with any other companies or platforms unless you enable access via our APIs. Your data is also always available for deletion or download at anytime. If you have any further questions about your data why not contact our team.

Data Security

Where is my data stored?

Any data you upload to Configur Codex is stored in encrypted databases on UK data centres. All data is encrypted in transit and at rest with periodic backups aligned with your plan. If you want to know about data and your personal data storage please read our Privacy Policy.

Do you have any security certifications?

We do indeed! We hold Cyber Security and Cyber Security Plus certification as well as being IASME GDPR Gold Standard certified. We are also currently working towards our ISO27001 certification.

Are you Registered with the ICO?

Yes we are registered as a data controller with the UK Information Commissioner's Office. Our data protection registration number is ZA824369. We ensure that any service providers we work with are also registered and more information can be found in our Privacy Policy.

How do you use my personal data?

We won't sell your personal data to any third parties and only use it to discuss providing or providing our service to you. For a full breakdown of how we use your data please see our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.


What if I am between plans?

When you speak to the sales team, they will be able to advise on the best plan for you. We also offer the option to upgrade certain aspects of your allowances. Although our platform is a SaaS platform, we are willing to be flexibile and accomodate your requirements.

What are projects?

Projects allow you to group your data into specific areas of focus. Datasets can be used in as many projects as you have available in your plan. Projects allow you to build a data model, unlocking the capabilities of Codex's summary processes. You also have the capability to add connections to your datasets within a project.

What are connections?

Connections are APIS, CMS (Data Views) and Forms. These connections can be setup to allow access to the data by other platforms, users, clients and services. APIS - Each Connection enables 4 access points (end points) that can be used by as many services as you require. The 4 endpoints are Read, Write, Update and Delete. Once you have an API setup you can use the API as many times as necessary within the connection call limit of your plan. CMS (Data Views) - Data Views enable you to setup various groups of data that has its own access control. This makes it easy for teams or external businesses to navigate around the data you make available to them. Forms - Forms provide a simple to create input mechanism to your data. Send forms to both external and internal parties and the data collected will automatically be added to your data source.

What are connection calls?

Connection calls are any requests sent to a connection or process within Configur Codex. Examples are listed below: - Uploading a Dataset - Publishing a Dataset - Submitting a Form - API call being executed - Data View being accessed - Summary table being created

What is a snapshot?

Snapshots are available to be used on datasets and enables users to save a version of the dataset. This is particularly useful when multiple people are making changes to the same data. These snapshots can then be used to restore the data to a specific point in time, should it be required.