The Problem

Improving data use & streamlining process is a primary goal of many Public Sector Organisations' digital transformation plans


However, there are numerous challenges that can cause problems for transformation.

Overcoming the challenges

    Creating data, linking

it with other systems or sharing across the organisation, often requires the assistance of analysts and technical staff.


This costs time and money which can discourage staff from actioning their improvement ideas. 


64% of office based workers use spreadsheets in their day to day activities.

It is estimated that over 88% of spreadsheets have at least 1 error in them.

Source: Wrike


Many Organisations

are “making do

with short-term solutions, implemented during

Covid -19, that now need a

permanent process. 

In addition to upwards of 25+ platforms being used, teams and processes have a lot of manual work due to disconnected systems.

Data security breaches can cost businesses their reputation, money & further fines from regulatory organisations. 


The average cost of a data breach in 2020

was £2.8M. 

          Source: CSO

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Introducing the solution...


Import data

Configur Codex's import process doesn't just move your data into a secure cloud environment, it uses AI powered validation to clean and enhance it without the need of a data analyst.



Cutting edge security features provide options for sharing and securing data across your team or with external parties.


Data Governance

Understand how your business is using data across the organisation, with automatic data governance and auditing.


Link & Summarise

Join your data to unlock cross table lookups, subsets or summaries of your data. Configur Codex makes setting up a fully functional data model a breeze.


Auto Integration 

The connection centre provides automatically generated  input and output connectors with a number of popular integrations available out of the box.

Use Cases



Children's Services data is highly confidential, yet requires sharing across multiple teams to provide the best care and service. 


Configur Codex makes securing the data simple by enabling custom protection for each user, even down to column level. Which means data can be shared safe in the knowledge that only information crucial for each role can be seen. 

Additionally, using our autogenerated CMS and forms it has never been easier to collect information securely for each child. Using our summary process you will then be able to look at high level numbers or drill down into the information for each child.



Managing Blue Badge applications and following up on support requests can often be a challenge, but not anymore.


Using Configur Codex you can create a central CMS system with data connected from multiple inputs/systems, such as chatbots, live chat, forms or CRMs. This makes it simple for support staff to find what they need, when they need it.


Why stop there? You can connect Configur Codex to an analytics platform of your choice, for example Power BI, all driven by Configur Codex and our autogenerating APIs.


Further Examples

If you would like further examples or wish to discuss your requirements with us then please don't hesitate to book a demo.