We are working with a growing number of organisations to understand their challenges and how Configur Codex can work for them.


We are continuously growing our use case library, so if you don't see your sector or have a niche requirement, reach out and we will be able to help


Public Sector


Configur Codex has been created to provide a simple solution for many of the complex problems that the Public Sector are facing during/post COVID-19. We have a wealth of knowledge working with Local Authorities and Central Government clients.


Import spreadsheets, connect your systems, voice skills, CRMs & chatbots and let Configur Codex become your central source of truth for data across your organisation. 

Start Ups &

Small Businesses

As a startup ourselves we love using Configur Codex for handling our data and internal processes.

There is a lot to think about when running a small business or startup, but why reinvent the wheel? We are working on a number of templates from our own and other users experiences to feed into the Configur Codex community.


Charities & Non Profits

We offer discount for all charities and non profits

With Configur Codex providing flexibility to manage your data setting up Events, tracking donations and organising your volunteers has never been simpler.

We are also working with charities to showcase the benefit of centralising data to provide access to their key information across web, chatbots and internal systems simultaneously.


At Configur, we have consultants with extensive experience working on Digital Transformation and Data projects across various businesses, ranging from large Enterprises to startups.


We think that the blend of our agile thinking and understanding of the difficulty to implement change in larger organisations, is what sets us apart.

Therefore, if you are an organisation or business that is likely to be on our Enterprise Plan, we would like to speak to you to discuss your requirements and find out how Configur Codex can help.


Other Sectors

If you would like discuss your requirements with us then please don't hesitate to book a demo.